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Top Content Marketing Trends of 2014

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Guest post by Gerald Brown

Vector internet marketing conceptContent marketing isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s going to become more integral to business marketing. The Content Marketing Institute notes that 58 percent of business-to-business marketers and 60 percent of business-to-consumer marketers plan to increase their content marketing budgets in 2014.

This budgetary expansion is being driven by trends that increase the value of the content itself. Looking ahead at the next year, businesses and products of all shapes sizes — from global consumer products like laptops down to your local clothing boutique — will be wise to leverage these market changes to improve exposure and sales quality. Here are the top trends that will change content marketing in 2014:

Conversational tones will proliferate

Using a conv...

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Driving traffic to your website in 2013

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Guest post by Ivy Delfin
car drivingAs Google becomes more savvy about dodgy SEO methods (you know those annoying blog posts you would get linked to that was just the same phrase repeated over and over?), online marketers are getting better at gaining attention through more legitimate methods. The nature of SEO has changed and Google is at the forefront of it all, making up the rules to follow if you want to be seen online. What’s changed? All it takes to be recognized is to produce content that actually means something.
The first thing anyone in online marketing will tell you is to produce content on your website that is actually informative and relevant to your website. Utilize key words but don’t make them obvious...
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YouTube Ranking Factors for SEO

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guest post by ZK

YouTube’s super popularity is evident in its 75 million+ registered users who upload about 150,000 videos to the site every day. The site provides a wonderful platform for businesses to interact with their customers, while also giving necessary backlinks to their sites. Users can also use the social networking site to get brand exposure and improve your search engine ranking.

YouTube uses several factors similar to a search engine to rank a video –it acts similar to a movie search engine. Factors such as the number of views, comments, shares, and subscriptions determine the ranking of your channel on YouTube. There has also been news about YouTube considering time watched as a new factor for ranking, which is aimed at providing quality results to the viewers.

But why i...

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The Top 5 SEO Tips from Google

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Guest Post by Claudia Somerfield

SEO-tips-from-googleYou can see lots of evolution taking place in SEO techniques. If you do not keep abreast with the SEO updates surfacing frequently, your site would lag behind in terms of ranking over search engines. To have a consistent ranking of your website or blog over Google and other search engines, adapting these SEO updates are a must. Among the various sources of updates, the best resource for SEO updates can be none other than Google. The reasons are obvious; Google is a giant in search market and can be the best source to guide in SEO techniques. The below mentioned is the top five SEO tips from the source of Google itself.

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Effective Blog SEO Tactics That Really Pack a Punch

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Guest Post by Claudia Somerfield


When it is the matter of optimizing your website, SEO is the way for the search engines to see your page as more appealing. There are a lot of factors responsible for applying on-page SEO to your website, and increase your chances of getting ranked. Title tags, relevant content, H1 tags are few small things that can truly pack a punch for your blog. Below are some tactics as to how you can become more efficient for effectively applying on-page SEO to your website. These small tips can help to make SEO enhancement much easier for you both on and off page.


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