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Get an Organic Traffic Adrenaline Boost with Keyword Research

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Guest Post By Shelly Harrison

Generating reliable and consistent traffic is one of the biggest challenges faced by blogs, websites, and content publishers. Having a great idea for a story or article is one thing, but getting people to actually read it is another. Of course we all know about the usual channels: social media distribution, RSS feeds, and so on. But there are several different ways to give your content the best chance of being read, and one of the best ones is the right keyword research.

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Thank You Mr. Roboto: The Robots.txt File

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Everyone seems to think that everything you put online is assessable by anyone at anytime via a simple search query on a search engine like Google or Bing. This is scary when it comes to personal or private professional information. So what do you do to keep something online ‘off limits’ to the unwanted? Ever hear of a robots.txt file? No? Well here is a bit of information on this amazing little innovation.

What Is It?

A robots.txt file is a very useful file that keeps the grubby fingers of search engines from getting a hold of specific information on your domain. When a search engine ‘spiders’ (methodically searches the internet for up-to-date information), a well placed robot.txt file will prevent that pesky little internet arachnid from seeing anything you don’t want it to see...

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Blog for Your Readers, Not For Google

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A lot of Search Engine Marketing “Experts” will say that a blog is perfect for getting those much-needed keywords onto your website that will help you rank higher and better in search engine organic results. The problem with that is, search engines aren’t actually “reading” your content. They are simply scanning it. And eventually, when you have an actual real person that visits your website, they will read your “content” and realize what a hack you are. They will not pass your content on nor will they visit your website again. This means that all the effort and time you spent writing blog entires stuffed with keywords and anchor text that had nothing important to say may have gotten visitors to your website, but it didn’t keep them there...

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