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Naming Your Business: When to Avoid Trends

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saveri-future-trendsIn today’s culture, it’s almost nothing to coin a brand. To found an idea for a company where you have all the logistics worked out. Actually taking those steps to move forward is another story, however. But that doesn’t stop thousands of folks from thinking up ideas on a daily basis. Some might even have multiple ideas stocked away, just waiting for the right time to strike out and bring their ideas to life.

In either scenario, it’s time to talk about business names. How people are picking increasingly trendy names for their companies – whether in fruition or beginning planning stages. Names that incorporate “ility,” “ly,” “ology,” etc. Where spaces don’t exist and punctuation is weird and confusing...

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Is Pinterest the Best Search Engine?

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In a recent BuzzFeed article (well, not-so-recent in online terms), one writer praised Pinterest for its streamlined results and easy of use. As a long-time Pinterest lover, I tend to agree. The site allows users to quickly and efficiently search any topic, and, so long as it exists on the site, it shows up. Spam is a rare fine, and relevant searches always pop up. Unlink Google, Bing, and other search engines, Pinterest actually shows viewers what they want. And best of all, it has giant, clear pictures to help show us what’s clickable and what isn’t.

pinterest summer searchSo what is it that makes Pinterest’s results “better” than the other guys’? Sure it’s more colorful and picture-heavy, but what about the efficiency of each search? In all but one of the author’s tests, Pinterest searches showed more va...

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Understanding Google’s Algorithms

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Guest post by Grace Beckett

Finding the necessary information on the internet is very critical. The massive task of scanning through all the sites and throwing up the most relevant information is a major role played by search engines. For this reason, Google makes use of complex algorithms, which carry out instructions that webmasters or those working on SEO should follow so as to get good rankings for their websites.

How it works

To understand the changing tactics of Google, it is first important to know how these steps work. When a term is entered into Google’s search engine, Google scans through the web to find pages that contain information specific to the term. The relevant pages are then arranged into an index, and then they are further analyzed and sorted out with the help of customized algorithms. The page that contains the most relevant information would be ranked first, while the subsequent pages are be ranked according to the relevancy of the information they provide.


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The Top 5 SEO Tips from Google

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Guest Post by Claudia Somerfield

SEO-tips-from-googleYou can see lots of evolution taking place in SEO techniques. If you do not keep abreast with the SEO updates surfacing frequently, your site would lag behind in terms of ranking over search engines. To have a consistent ranking of your website or blog over Google and other search engines, adapting these SEO updates are a must. Among the various sources of updates, the best resource for SEO updates can be none other than Google. The reasons are obvious; Google is a giant in search market and can be the best source to guide in SEO techniques. The below mentioned is the top five SEO tips from the source of Google itself.

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How Internet Searches Can Raise Money for Charity

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by Bethaney Wallace

When it comes to web browsers, I’m rarely willing to compromise. Internet Explorer has caused more headaches than I can count, and Bing ranks in the top 10 of things I hate most in the world. While once swearing by Safari, ever since the invention of Chrome, I’ve been using it every day and often. There is the occasional site that forces me to convert back to Safari or use the Fox, or when I’m doing research Blekko is handy, but Chrome is still my go-to browser. Google rarely lets me down, and, if I’m being completely honest, sometimes I’ve just too lazy to switch from the search bar to the address-typing bar; Chrome combines these features into one, convenient place.

BUT, I recently came across a completely new type of browser. One that donates money to charities every time you search. Even those searches for “discount designer shoes” or “how to braid” – this outlet allows users to do good even when being completely selfish.

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