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An Actual New Kind of Search Engine

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About a year ago, I wrote about my disdain for Bing, an aversion that still holds true. Their searches are irrelevant, the ads seem to mock, and Bing’s self-righteous nature only makes me dislike it even more. (In case you are wondering, I’m team Chrome.) But, thanks to a newly released search engine, I have a new respect for those reevaluating the original engine-y model. This new model, Blekko, is a search engine that eliminates the spam and paid search results. A search engine that doesn’t pull up spam? What a novel idea. No more jumping to the top of the line just because you’ve got money; Blekko is not swayed by socioeconomic status.

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How Paid Content Drives Away Website Traffic

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By Kelsey Jones

newspapersWhile researching or reading up on a certain topic or current event, one of the most frustrating things in the world is to be taken to a snippet of the article and to be told that to read the entire article, one needs to sign up for a paid membership to the site.

As a Citizen of the Internet, I cannot hit my back button fast enough. I will never pay for content that I can get somewhere else.

And your consumers shouldn’t have to either.

As Ben Parr from Mashable stated in 2010, “The numbers speak for themselves: The old newspaper model is simply not going to be market-viable as we head deeper in the digital age. News blogs (such as Mashable) and online reporting are the future of journalism.

That doesn’t mean that newspapers should simply give up and die. There are many things that newspapers can do to avoid extinction. The ones that embrace the online space faster and more effectively have the best chance for survival.”

News and current event articles, as well as columns, tutorials, and blog posts should never require readers to pay for access. The fire on 2nd street in downtown Manhattan, Kansas isn’t the secret to finding the Holy Grail, so why should I have to pay to read about it, especially when I can find out all the details from Twitter, Facebook, or another Free news site or blog?

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Finding Blog Ideas Through Google Analytics Keywords

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By Kelsey Jones

It’s easy to run out of ideas when it comes to blogging, especially if you are blogging more than once per week. While some people prefer to use Google Alerts or write down ideas in a notepad as they come, there is another way to get blog post ideas from the exact people that the posts are catered to- the readers and visitors of the website.

Utilizing the keywords that search engine users typed in to get to your website is a great way to quickly see the type of content that visitors are looking for. To access the Keyword Report from Google Analytics, go into the website profile of the blog URL, then go to Traffic Sources, and then click on the Keywords tab:

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Leaving your Social Media Footprint

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by Bethaney Wallace

Now more than ever it is becoming apparent that once something is on the internet, it stays there. While many of you might say that’s been obvious for some time now, the popularization of social media has streamlined the process of making internet content permanent. For example, say, ten years ago, you wrote a drunken email you wish you could erase, or a poorly-made ad campaign was posted online. Yes, these things were hard to get rid of, forever stuck in the metaphorical corners of search engines. BUT, it’s rare anyone would find them unless they were really looking. Perhaps a thorough employer or stalker-ish ex, but the average Pat searching for your work would only find what you wanted them to. And, assuming the recipient of said unfortunate email was kind enough to dispose of it, it was gone for good.

However, we ...

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Maintain Your Online Presence With a Website

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Just because you aren’t a website designer, it doesn’t mean that you can’t build your own website. A basic website with 1-5 pages is pretty simple and easy to implement. Of course we here at The Social Robot can always build it for you on WordPress (contact us at contact [at] to learn more), but if you are bent on doing it yourself with a free website builder, the following is a list of pages we recommend should always be on a website.

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