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Pokemon Go Explodes Into Existence

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PokemonI played Pokemon religiously growing up. I got a Gameboy Pocket for Christmas when I was seven or eight years old. I drained countless pairs of double A’s on Red Version. I watched the Pokemon cartoon in the afternoons when I got home from school. As I grew up, so did Pokemon — releasing more and more editions of the game. I’d add to my collection all summer. When my parents told me to go outside, I’d take my Gameboy with me and play there. I had books that included maps of the various regions — Johto, Kanto — and complete lists of the Pokemon and all of their abilities. I bought the last Pokemon game I have purchased my freshman year of college, more than ten years after my first game. I still play through them once in awhile.

I don’t play Pokemon Go.

Niantic Labs released t...

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Cyber Security: A Modern Day Joke

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bank_robbery_security_moneyAs it stands, commercial cyber security looks about as staunch as bank security in the 1920s. Robberies will happen, and there’s not much the bespectacled man behind the counter can do about it. The size of the company doesn’t matter either. It may even hurt. This calendar year alone — all five weeks of it — has seen the compromise of titans like Sony and Adobe. Home Depot, Target, and a number of celebrity iCloud accounts have been subject to recent hacking as well.

This is made all the more terrifying, given that we are soldiering toward an age of digital currency. Chase Bank now lets you pay with a phone and fingerprint. No thanks. I’ve seen too many heist movies.

In these trying times, it’s important to turn to those with experience...

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Your Digital Life Is Not Private

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Facebook has been the face of the ongoing digital privacy debate in recent years. The company isn’t the only site to suffer privacy gaffes and leaks, but it may be one of the most visible. Symantec claimed in 2010 that the site’s systems allowed third-parties like advertisers to see personal information through a hole in some application interfaces.

For those who closely guard and monitor their private information, every new iteration of Facebook’s design and interface inspires a new round of comments and guides. Knowledgeable users spread the word and navigate the changing privacy settings,1 seeking to close potential holes. However, even the most knowledgeable users don’t always get it right. The privacy debate touched a member of Facebook founder’s Mark Zuckerberg’s family when ...

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Mobile Monitoring Software For Tracking Kids

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kids mobile cell phone security

kids mobile cell phone securityEnjoy this guest post by Cynthia Tolliver while we are at SMX East!

Smartphones are the craze with kids. The multiple uses of smartphones have kids being glued to them. Apart from using for their academic related activities, the smartphones are being used by them for entertainment activities also. In the process of downloading games and watching movies and cartoons, they unknowingly visit suspicious and fraudulent websites, which thrive on exploiting the kids. In order to protect kids from such mobile and internet threats, it is advisable to install mobile monitoring software on their mobile phones. By installing the mobile monitoring software, parents can keep a track and monitor their kid’s activities.

Most of the monitoring software currently available have parental control software. You can choose from the many cell phone spy software like Mobile Spy, My Mobile Watchdog, Phonesheriff, Mobistealth, Stealthgenie that offer features that help a parent to monitor his kid. Install the software by downloading it from the vendor website.

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