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Social Media and SEO Teams Join Forces for Awesome Content

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If you aren’t utilizing SEO with your social media or vice versa, you are falling behind in the world of online content. And when I say falling behind, you are actually miles behind! With the ever increasing trend of people getting on board with different social media platforms and sharing information, it is important that social media and SEO teams are working together. In order to create “share-worthy” content. Share worthy content can be based on a number of factors:

  • Seasonal trends
  • Changes in your current market
  • Demographic factors
  • Society
  • Search traffic – duh!

Google Trends is a great way to find out what is popular at the moment; it shows the very terms people have been searching for...

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How to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Customer-Centric

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How to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Customer-CentricIt’s 2013. Plenty of companies are using different types of marketing strategies to reach out to potential customers. Content marketing is one of them, and this method involves the creation and distribution of written material to appeal to a target audience. Perhaps the central question that all marketing aficionados want to know though, is how can these strategies become more customer-centric? Here’s what you should know:

Speak to the Audience

In formal writing, many people use the third person. Terms such as “their,” “he” and “she” are not uncommon to this style. However, these words feel impersonal when you’re trying to speak to customers. Instead of utilizing this formal style of speaking, switch over to the second person – you...

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Throwback Thursday: How To Find Hidden SEO Opportunities On Twitter

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For this week’s blog post, I thought I’d feature a throwback post I wrote for Search Engine Land on ways to SEO your Twitter profile. Here’s one of the “hidden” SEO opportunities on Twitter from my column and you can read the entire post here: How To Find Hidden SEO Opportunities On Twitter

The SEO’d Twitter Profile

The profile is the starting point to any successful profile. Incorporate as many keywords as possible, because when a Twitter profile shows up in search results, Google will sometimes use the bio portion of the profile for the description. Utilize the best keywords available by creating a list of specialties or services.

bloomberg twitter bio

As you can see from Mayor Bloomberg’s bio, he lists his main interests and job responsibilities and makes himself easy to find...

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Understanding Google’s Algorithms

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Guest post by Grace Beckett

Finding the necessary information on the internet is very critical. The massive task of scanning through all the sites and throwing up the most relevant information is a major role played by search engines. For this reason, Google makes use of complex algorithms, which carry out instructions that webmasters or those working on SEO should follow so as to get good rankings for their websites.

How it works

To understand the changing tactics of Google, it is first important to know how these steps work. When a term is entered into Google’s search engine, Google scans through the web to find pages that contain information specific to the term. The relevant pages are then arranged into an index, and then they are further analyzed and sorted out with the help of customized algorithms. The page that contains the most relevant information would be ranked first, while the subsequent pages are be ranked according to the relevancy of the information they provide.


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15% Off SMX East 2012 Passes

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By Kelsey Jones

Bethaney and I are attending Search Marketing Expo (SMX) East in New York City in October and we couldn’t be more excited. Bethaney is a volunteer moderator in one of the rooms on the first day of the conference and I am speaking on the content clinic panel on the last day. SMX is hosted by Third Door Media, the company that runs Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.

We both haven’t been to NYC for a while so we are super excited to go on this trip.

We would like to invite you to take in all SMX East has to offer by giving you 15% off an All Access Pass, as a guest of The Social Robot. Just enter the code smxspeaker15 (case sensitive) in the Partner Code box when registering at and the discount will be applied.

Keep in mind – ...

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