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Integrity Must Be a Social Media News Priority

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integrity on social mediaAs a senior in highschool, I wrote a paper on how journalism was changing. In late 2009 the Ipad was going to replace the print newspaper. Print journalism has declined, though its integrity persists. Daily circulation has fallen 7% from last year due to a 9% dip in print circulation.

Social media news consumption, conversely, continues to rise. Facebook in particular has become a popular outlet. Statistics from a Pew Research study show that 67% of adults use Facebook and 66% of Facebook users get news from the site. Thus, 44% of adults get news from Facebook. That’s reach.

Fake news stories find life on Facebook

The 2016 election (or perhaps more accurately the 2015-2016 election) brought many topics to the forefront...

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Don’t Forget to Look Up

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Two months ago I was leaving the bank when I ran into a guy I knew casually but hadn’t seen in about a year. We had a fifty-five-second exchange during which we shared appropriate, cordial information and then mutually agreed to leave things at that. We didn’t even screw up the post-game handshake too badly. As I walked outside and stopped at the driver’s-side door of my mini-van, I thought, “That was nice. That made my day.” Then I realized that I couldn’t recall a single thing we’d talked about.

My generation, we’re a bunch of weird, clumsy people. Our lives are made much easier by the technologies we’ve embraced in the last twenty years, and yet, we’re awkward. We’re not good at making eye contact. We have bad posture and bad eye sight from staring at screens all the time...

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Use as an Alternative to Ning to Create Your Own Social Network

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The popular 'create your own social network' service, Ning, recently announced that they will no longer be allowing users to set up free networks.Read More