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Relentless Pinging: Notifications are Losing Their Umph

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facebook notificationsLast week I logged into Netflix and saw a pile of notifications. A growing number of little red flags, letting me know about new shows that were being released – shows that I had never even seen or heard of. That’s what Netflix thought was worth sharing with me personally.

Other sites are no better. This weekend I didn’t check Facebook for hours and tallied up 15 notifications, a number that doesn’t seem too crazy anymore, considering all they ping about. Except not one of them had anything to do with me. It was all mutual pages that had been posted on and random views … nothing that needed immediate attention. Yet I scrolled through each and every one of them...

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Cyber-banging: Communicating Online for Illegal Activity

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bandanasIn any cop show we’ve ever seen, it’s been a terrible idea to brag online. Any teenager who emails their bud about spray-painting a school has gotten busted. Almost immediately. In real life, it’s no different, just with a longer time until the law follows through. Folks get cuffed from their own social media posts. Telling about what they had “gotten away” with, leaving the act – and a full confession – for the cops to see. More often than not, it’s an act that leads toward arrest and a guilty sentence.

But that’s not stopping illegal activity from taking place online. Or rather, it being talked about online. In fact, the interweb is becoming a go-to source for gang communication. And it’s known as cyber-banging.

The act of cyber-banging can vary across the channels of social media...

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The People Behind the Biggest Apps in the World (Infographic)

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The People Behind the Biggest Apps in the World, Infographic

Infographic courtesy of

Bethaney Wallace

Bethaney Wallace

Bethaney Wallace is a tea drinking, Amazon loving writer and editor. When she's not working on TSR or her personal blog, she loves reading and looking for new DIY projects.

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Can You Afford to Avoid Reputation Management?

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Guest post by Dave Landry, Jr.

In the modern age of social media, it can be very important to maintain a strong and positive reputation. We live in a world where viral content often determines success or failure for online and offline businesses. If you’re not prepared to present your company accurately and effectively in this digital landscape, there could be trouble on the horizon. In order to avoid sending the wrong message, you might want to consider the benefits of reputation management.

Specifically, because the Internet gives everyone the power to speak out about negative experiences, and that negativity has the power to reach millions of eyes...

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Annoyed with Social Media Users? Hide Their Constant Posts

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twitter-muteI use a lot of social media. It’s part of my job, and also it’s a distraction from work. Or whatever else I’m doing at the computer. But through these frequent checkings – whether for work or for play – I’m made aware of the constant poster. A company or person who shares way too much, way too often. And almost every single day, they blow up my timeline/newsfeed with each of their musings.

Until I prevent them from doing so.

Thanks to blocking features, available in Facebook, and Twitter’s mute, I can ignore all of this crap straight from the get-go. Without the other party having any inkling. Each platform makes it real easy too. Just click on a profile or hover over their photo, and you can click on necessary settings straight from the homepage...

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