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Like it or Leave it: A Commentary on Facebook Etiquette

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Facebook-Like-Button-ClickFacebook can be an incredible platform that individuals use to express themselves. It can also be a smattering of half-formed opinions and food pictures. I’m not saying the two are mutually exclusive. I’m also not saying I’m very selective when it comes to Facebook friends. Whatever your attitude, this social media behemoth is likely a fixture in your daily routine.

Some use Facebook to stay caught up on the developing lives of their friends, some use it to espouse political views, some just aggregate articles about events, the conclusions of which you are unlikely to believe. In all cases, Facebook allows us to put ourselves out there. Unlike a diary entry, we know that the world will see our writings to Facebook. This is our chance to be vindicated. It’s not private; it’s personal...

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Professional Goals – Why You Don’t Need to Conform

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guy climbing latter and viewing over the sunrise

Last week I talked to a group of college students about professional journalism, at which their professor expressed the importance of writing goals down. And while I understand the sentiment, I don’t necessarily agree. So long as you never stop working toward something better, why waste time with a pencil?

When I first started with freelance writing, practically every resource I came to encouraged the importance of goals. Personal goals, monetary goals, deadline goals – in virtually any aspect where expectations could be measured, these experienced writers said to create an expectation. Sure you might not always reach a goal, but having it there allows you to better evaluate where you’re at, and how to can make it happen the next time around.

Despite their insistence, I was hesitant...

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How to Avoid 3 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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homer the simpson's tv showPost by Robbert Taylor

In the land of social media there are so many ways to go wrong, and for marketers this can often be the end of the road. Many companies have failed to realize the impact of social media and how a simple tweet or Facebook post can go viral within minutes, damaging a brands reputation almost irreparably. From a marketing perspective, here are some of the most common marketing mistakes that need to be avoided.

It’s Not All About You

Online casino brands know that their players are their most important asset and when creating social media pages it’s imperative a brand interact with its clients, offers feedback and encourages their opinions. This is relevant in all industries and if your brands marketing is entirely one sided it becomes stale, fast...

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How Electronics are Making Communication Impersonal

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eyes looking at screensby Bethaney Wallace

With a screen in front of your eyes and a keyboard at your fingertips, it can be hard to determine the last time we had a face-to-face conversation. One where the TV was off, the phones away, and those involved looked each other in the eye. Once an everyday courtesy, offering respect and common sense with every interaction, these types of conversations rarely take place in today’s time. As technology continues to advance, the quality of conversation becomes less and less personal.

Why? Because it’s easy. Who wants to pick up the phone when they can send a quick work email? Why stop by a friend’s house when you can just follow up with a text? They’re tactics that allow us to get more done each day, and in less time.

But what about human interaction? When we fail ...

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In Business, It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It

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Guest post by Kimberly Laws

Businesses–big and small–are as different as the people that run them. Your company possesses special qualities that sets it apart from the competition and its level of success depends on how well you communicate these differences to the public. Yes, in order to thrive, your brand must do more than simply “market” itself. It must have a story.

A great storyteller can take a barrage of sleep-inducing facts and mind-numbingly boring information, identify the parts that would interest the public, and present them in a way that will have readers riveted and begging for book

Become their Hero

All good stories have a lovable protagonist that conquers the forces of evil and saves humanity from some horrible plight. Your company needs to be cast in this heroic role...

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