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We’re Over Pop-Up Ads, What’s Next, Marketing Teams?

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NoPopUpsWith more and more users logging online to do their research, entertainment, etc., it’s no surprise that the Internet is also where marketing efforts are focused. Entire teams are devoted to getting more folks to a company’s webpage. With users already online, it’s a lateral move. But one that’s encouraged through any number of efforts. Including banner ads, pay-per-click ads, social media profiles, and more. But lately, it also means pop-up ads. Where sounds and photos – sometimes even entire videos – jump onto our screen without our permission. It’s a move that obstructs whatever we were trying to do, and essentially forces us to pay attention to a brand. That is, until the pre-determined time is over and the ad once again falls to the background.

But here’s the thing, marketing team...

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How Do You Pluralize That Last Name? A Step-by-Step Guide

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tiny tim muppets unnecessary apostrophesDo you struggle with the apostrophe? That little floating piece of punctuation that is so pointedly used? With its many uses and even more rules, it’s hard to know where to put it, when to put it, and if it should be even used at all. Oftentimes, it’s placed at random, and is perhaps the most misused piece of punctuation in the English language. Especially in scenarios that rarely arise … after elementary school. Such as pluralizing one’s last name. Or even more difficult, someone else’s last name.

As a writer who has seen hundreds of grammatically incorrect nameplates (I’m looking at you, limestone carving companies), I decided it’s high time we have a guide. A go-to document that outlines how to pluralize last names, and why...

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Keeping Email Under Control: Why it’s a Necessity

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drowning in unread email messagesThe other day I helped my Mom print something from her email … a Yahoo account. And she had thousands of unread messages. Thousands – most of which were probably junk and simply needed to be deleted. But instead of unsubscribing or kicking the unimportant messages to the curb, she let them compile and grow into an unmanageable level. Where she had become so overwhelmed, she didn’t even know where to start. Where it stressed me out, even though I had zero ties to the account.

In her defense, she rarely uses email. But it’s not as though she’s the only person who handles electronic correspondence this way. I’ve seen and heard about countless others who communicate under the same circumstances...

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Is Pinterest the Best Search Engine?

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In a recent BuzzFeed article (well, not-so-recent in online terms), one writer praised Pinterest for its streamlined results and easy of use. As a long-time Pinterest lover, I tend to agree. The site allows users to quickly and efficiently search any topic, and, so long as it exists on the site, it shows up. Spam is a rare fine, and relevant searches always pop up. Unlink Google, Bing, and other search engines, Pinterest actually shows viewers what they want. And best of all, it has giant, clear pictures to help show us what’s clickable and what isn’t.

pinterest summer searchSo what is it that makes Pinterest’s results “better” than the other guys’? Sure it’s more colorful and picture-heavy, but what about the efficiency of each search? In all but one of the author’s tests, Pinterest searches showed more va...

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Avoiding Accidental Spam (Infographic)

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Are you sending out spam-like signals without even realizing it? Check out this infographic to avoid questionable online behavior in virtually every aspect of social media.

social media infographic on spam

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