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Social Media = Free Entertainment

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the social robot piracy lawsIn our constant state of internet making life better, more and more websites are offering illegal activities with the slickest of ease. Whether you need to sample an upcoming CD, check out the debut episode of a to-be-aired series, or find where to purchase the cheapest cable cord keepers, it can all be done through the help of the interweb. Rights aside, these websites find a niche, and they help bring the past and status quo into one, easily accessible place.

And now that websites can be accessed via game consul and/or TV, even more are finding free entertainment in the comfort of their own living rooms.

Despite former hand slaps given out to Napster users and providers, these questionably-legal practices seem to be flourishing more than ever.

Are classic Disney Channel original movies y...

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Proof of Online Credibility: Should it Exist?

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pinnocchioIn the light of a recent scandal featuring (ahem) a certain football player – his girlfriend was as faux as Lucy Ricardo’s furs – more and more companies are advertising their online persona creations. No proof of life necessary, in their minds, if you’re online, you’re as good as breathing. And they’re turning a profit along the way.

For a fee, which varies due to length and level of wool pulling, consumers can create an aloof social media user, to one who tells you their every mood; the difference all depends on the price.

But fake profiles are nothing new, only the publicity that surrounds them. Online stalkers, middle school pranksters, die hard fans, and all-around creepers have been using this tactic for years. Just check out the last season of Stalked for reference...

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B-Sides: If It Requires a Sign Up, I’m Out

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by Bethaney Wallace

Each day, I dread logging into my email account. An act of necessity, I often exit once or twice before truly diving in. No I didn’t lose my password or get attacked by spam – the culprit is billions of semi legitimate emails, just waiting for my attention. It might be writing contests, bank statements, the Google alerts I signed up for … or something that’s actually necessary, but it’s always there. And rather than waste hours per day reading what others have sent, I delete them. Those newsletters you probably emailed, that sign up stuff that had to be verified, they’re all long gone. Into the depths of Gmail and forever out of my hair.

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B-Sides: When the CAPTCHA Challenge is Too Tough

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by Bethaney Wallace

With everything good in this world, there is a bandit out to disturb what should be enjoyed openly. The Hamburglar challenged Ronald McDonald in his quest to share unhealthy yet delicious foods. Darth Vader and Two Face turned evil after receiving unfortunate face injuries. And almost any character who owned a mask meddled in episodes of Scooby Doo. But the modern day villain, one who is nearly impossible to catch, are Internet bots, stealers of information and hackers of computers.

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Google Bans Misleading and Spam Ads

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I’m sure you’ve seen those teeth whitening or flat stomach weight loss ads on google advertising– they are everywhere. However, thanks to Google’s new initiative to ban any advertising that sells misleading products or could be considered as spam advertising, these types of ads will soon be a distant memory.  Hopefully now we will no longer have to see a flabby stomach on our sidebar as we’re reading a blog or yellow teeth asking us if we have the same!

A great explanation and summary of the new policy can be found at The Big Money: Google Does Non-Evil Thing: Bans White Teeth, Flat Stomachs.


Karen is a freelance writer and is currently residing in the Kansas City Metro. She has experience in SEO, content management, website design, and green living...

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