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The Value of Internet Backlash

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Vanderbilt-Tweet-BacklashI’ve written about Twitter before. It’s of course a great way to start conversations about emerging topics. It’s also a repository for Internet runoff. An environmental hazard in the wrong hands. Twitter can function as an avenue to engage customers or fans, but it’s often a dual-edged sword (like most swords). The Vanderbilt University football program used this weapon unsuccessfully on Thursday.

As I wrote before, companies and organizations need a heightened sensitivity in regards to the content of their media. Vanderbilt football made a mistake tweeting “we don’t need your permission,” as part of a promotional slogan for the upcoming season. Twitter users were upset by the perceived flippant attitude toward rape culture. The tweet was rash, insensitive, and ultimately dumb...

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Social Media’s Influence on News Coverage

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Caitlyn Jenner-Media-ConversationNo doubt, if you have watched television or paid attention to absolutely anything on social media in the last three days, you’ve experienced someone’s take on the transition of Caitlyn Jenner. Don’t worry, this post does not aim to persuade, but only to comment on the conversation.

Social media radically changes the dialogue about every major (and impossibly insignificant) news story. Content emerges as rapidly as the acute reactions which regard it. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how citizen journalism created swell in Baltimore that traditional media sources failed to capture. By contrast, Caitlyn Jenner’s ascension to the Internet Hall of Fame has included a lot less news gathering and a lot more eye-rolling.

Jabbing responses to a person’s choice have taken over the conversatio...

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Social Media Trends: #tbt

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Biscuit_Thursday_Trends_Social MediaHope y’all are enjoying the muck of this mid-May spring teaser outside. The weather’s nasty, but I’m excited. I’m downright giddy. I’m pink in the cheeks because this is one of my favorite days of the week: #tbt. That’s right, I love me some “Tasty Biscuit Thursday.” Every week I find a photo of one of my favorites and plaster it all over the social medias. This Thursday it’s a gem from Aunt Liza’s Christmas Bake a few years back. Hot dog! (or should I say “hot butter”) Just look at the way those suckers browned up perfect on the edges.

Shoot-darn, if it weren’t for all these #trends every day I dunno what would get me outta bed in the morning. When the sun rises I spring from my slumber, ready to tackle the day’s topic...

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Companies Should Watch What They Tweet

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Twitter’s dope. It’s a great social media platform. You can customize your timeline to get the exact content you want. Unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn’t come with obligatory friends or follows. You sat one desk over from a guy for the first half of third grade. On Facebook: you’re keeping up with his family trip to Branson. On Twitter: What guy? Who cares? You owe him NOTHING. Furthermore, your mom isn’t on Twitter (sorry Susanne), so your edgy views on parking meter attendants can fly uncensored. You can “like” the fan page of a celebrity/athlete/comedian on Facebook, but Twitter gives you a direct line from the person’s brain. If you’re not enjoying your tweeting experience, you’re not discriminating enough when it comes to who you follow. You have total control over your timeline...

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5 Sitcom Characters Who Would Have Rocked Social Media

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Though social media is a new practice, the world of sitcoms have been around for decades. With their humorous ways, unique antics, and flare for the extreme, audiences of all ages have fallen in love with these programs since they came onto screen. But what if our favorite characters from the 80s and 90s – even 2000s – had social media?

Would Jerry and Newman have followed each other on Instagram? (And think of George’s YouTube hits – all renditions that pertain to his current location, of course. Believe it or not, he isn’t at home.) Would Ross and Rachel still have been Facebook friends after their controversial split? Mr. Roper would have surely known Jack’s love for women based on his offensive Snapchats...

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