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Awesome Content Idea: The Report-a-Typo Tab

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Typos happen. Sometimes they’re dumb, a miss-stroke of the finger, and sometimes they’re downright blatant. You wonder how anyone could have made such a glaring error. I make them too. Sure they’re mindless and embarrassing, us writers are supposed to have our crap together, after all. That’s what we get paid to do. But the thing about editing your own work is that your brain eliminates typos. You know what you meant so you skim over what’s missing or what’s wrong without even realizing everything is not as it should be. It’s also how I talk.

Then, once these typos are posted, emails start pouring in (or texts or comments or phone calls), letting you know what error was made...

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Most Website Platforms are the Worst and WordPress is the Best

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wordpress-loveAs a sometimes website builder, I often get asked as to which platform is “the best.” Generally after someone has already put money into a project or started the venture themselves. For anyone with future website questions, here’s my answer: WordPress forever and for always. (I might even help you navigate their waters if you’d come to me first next time.)

When it comes to building websites, I’m a real platform snob. WordPress for life. Not only is it what I use each and every day, it’s user friendly, offers an almost unlimited amount of customizations, and there are free resources (and forms of support) all across the Internet. There are built-in stats, the ability to create a website from a visual standpoint or with HTML (you know, if you’re into that type of thing...

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Why Ecommerce Design is Essential to Business

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by Bethaney Wallace

Online shopping is a practice that is continuing to grow in popularity. Not only are companies advertising online, offering coupons, deals, and free shipping – customers are cashing in. More online sales are taking place this year than ever, especially when it comes to gift-giving holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Hanukah, and Christmas (come this winter, we’ll see if this current trend holds true).

In 2010 alone, more than 142 billion dollars were spent online in the U.S. That number is expected to nearly double by 2015 – a tight three year deadline. But with a current 140 million online shoppers, which is expected jump to 170 million by the deadline, that number is far from out of reach

But when it comes to ecommerce, there’s some who get it right, and some whose skills have much to be desired. For every smooth flowing website, unfortunately, there’s 10 more who lack flow and provide no clear instructions. These blurps are ones that can cause companies greatly over time, especially when not offering customized products. Where would you rather shop, at a company that tells you exactly where to put your money, or one that leads you on a wild goose hunt?

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New Website Launch: Crappy Kid Art

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by Bethaney Wallace

The Social Robot is proud to announce its brand new sister site, Crappy Kid Art ( Built with the premise of celebrating, yes, crappy art, CKA will host an outlet for bad artists everywhere. Although the word “kid” is in the title, we hold no age limits to those with no talent … ourselves included.

Each day, we will examine the ugly creations that adults were once forced to compliment us on. Remember giving your grandparents self-portraits? Even though it was a smudged mess, in no way resembling yourself, and they still said thank you?

Perhaps you created animals by Elmer’s gluing leaves to construction paper. Your parents accepted it graciously and with pride. “Look what an artist we have!” they swooned...

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Drowning in the Internet: The Curse of Technology

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by Bethaney Wallace

Each time I set down to get some work done, I run into the same problem: I get distracted. I might find an interesting blog to read, get lost in the glorious site that is Etsy, or I could be 11 pages deep into my guilty pleasure, The point is, no matter how good my intentions or how motivated I am, something more interesting always comes up. This, of course, is probably a testament to my inability to focus. I was never officially diagnosed with ADD, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be on Ridalin like thousands of other hyper American children (… but that is a rant for another day). I could blame my unpreparedness, my being easily distracted. But in all reality, the internet is just an overwhelming place. Where else can you start looking up shoe sales and end on Shark Week viewing statistics? Never, other than on the internet, have I spent hours jumping between Wikipedia links, learning facts that would only be useful in an intense game of trivia.

Because my ...

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