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YouTube Heroes: Internet Vigilante Justice

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YouTube HeroesYouTube recently made the move to get more social.

Under the still-in-Beta “community” tab, content creators (the artist inside me just shuddered) will have the ability to post text, images, GIFs, all the usual social tropes. Users can like and comment on the items in this stream, giving them a way to connect with the channel operators they most enjoy.

Sarah Perez points out that this is Google’s latest attempt to rejigger its social presence. (Any Google+ users in the house?) Social media is snatching up Internet ground like it’s post-WWII Eastern Europe. But is it necessarily a positive that YouTube is becoming more social? More social features theoretically mean more engagement, which means more advertising — so yes, as a business decision it makes sense.

But have you been to ...

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YouTube Red Sees Green

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YouTubeIt doesn’t take much searching to find tech- and social media-related stories. The nature of this business sector spurs rapid change and offers fodder for blogs in a way that covering the coal industry might not. I point out that I perceive technology as a business sector rather than a function of everyday life for a reason.

YouTube Red officially hit the U.S. market Wednesday, October 28. If you’ve used the YouTube app on your phone recently, you’ve probably been prompted to subscribe to the ad-free service. For $9.99/month you can remove all ads from your YouTubing experience. This allows users to listen to music or watch videos uninterrupted...

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What Social Media Platforms Could Do with a Mascot

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mascotsPractically every sports team ever has been accompanied with some sort of mascot. A character that embodies what type of team they are – and what type of punishment they wish to inflict on their opponents. At least as far as intimidation tactics. Some team mascots far more threatening than others, but each is still there to rile and energize players through game completion.

But that’s not the only task of the mascot. They’re also there to pump up the fans. To get them hooping and hollering through every painful – or joyful – play. They perform favorite cheers, give away t-shirts and other forms of swag...

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Cartoon of the Month

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If only…

social media sports cartoon

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Social Media = Free Entertainment

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the social robot piracy lawsIn our constant state of internet making life better, more and more websites are offering illegal activities with the slickest of ease. Whether you need to sample an upcoming CD, check out the debut episode of a to-be-aired series, or find where to purchase the cheapest cable cord keepers, it can all be done through the help of the interweb. Rights aside, these websites find a niche, and they help bring the past and status quo into one, easily accessible place.

And now that websites can be accessed via game consul and/or TV, even more are finding free entertainment in the comfort of their own living rooms.

Despite former hand slaps given out to Napster users and providers, these questionably-legal practices seem to be flourishing more than ever.

Are classic Disney Channel original movies y...

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