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YouTube Ranking Factors for SEO

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guest post by ZK

YouTube’s super popularity is evident in its 75 million+ registered users who upload about 150,000 videos to the site every day. The site provides a wonderful platform for businesses to interact with their customers, while also giving necessary backlinks to their sites. Users can also use the social networking site to get brand exposure and improve your search engine ranking.

YouTube uses several factors similar to a search engine to rank a video –it acts similar to a movie search engine. Factors such as the number of views, comments, shares, and subscriptions determine the ranking of your channel on YouTube. There has also been news about YouTube considering time watched as a new factor for ranking, which is aimed at providing quality results to the viewers.

But why i...

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The Most Spooky Source of Information Yet: The Internet

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by Bethaney Wallace

In honor of Halloween, I thought it would be appropriate to focus on the spooky, the quirky, and possibly even the mad: people’s social media accounts. Whether revealing or off the wall, a person’s social media accounts are a reflection of their personality, and more importantly, their ability to filter their thoughts. However, even Halloween, a day of complete identity relief can’t make up for a certain category of social media sharing, where users post their thoughts and feelings every day, all day.

Anyone who has ever gotten bombarded with Facebook notifications knows the type of people I’m referring to. Their statuses tell just what they’re doing and when they’re going to do it – as if they are providing their stalker with a Staples easy button...

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How to Create Effective YouTube SEO

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YouTube is the biggest search engine in the United States, with over 24 hours of video uploaded every minute and over 2 billion video views a day. A lot of companies think they are ahead of the mark when it comes to social media and video simply because they are uploading videos to YouTube. However, without proper SEO of video title, description, and keywords (along with profile information), your videos may fail to garnish large amounts of view and traffic.

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2010 Map of Online Communities

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What if the online world translated into a literal geographic map? Well, comic artist Randall Monroe of made this vision come true in his 2010 Map of Online Communities. This is an update from his 2007 Map, and a few significant changes can be seen, like the growing realm of Facebook and the introduction of Farmville.

To view the large image of the map, click on the image.

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How Do You Rank With The OTHER Search Engines?

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Have you stopped to think of some of the alternative search engines that don't call themselves "search engines"?Read More